Chiles Men (Curricular) This ensemble is open to any male student in grades 9-12. This choir gives guys the opportunity to sing with other guys. We sing, learn about music, and have a great time. This choir often performs for school functions (games and pep rallies) and we sing all types of music. This class meets during the day, and requires little or no after school commitment.

Chiles Women (Curricular)
This ensemble is open to any female student in grades 9 or 10 who has not taken chorus before. In this choir we learn basic musical concepts, how to produce a good healthy vocal sound, performance techniques , and make friends that can last throughout your high school career. This class meets during the day, and requires little or no after school commitment.

Chiles Singers (Curricular)
This mixed ensemble is open to students in grades 10-12 who have participated in Chiles Men, Chiles Women, or have excelled in another music class (Band, Orchestra, Guitar, etc.), show high musical ability, and a desire to sing. This class meets during the day and performs many styles of choral music. Students learn healthy vocal techniques and strive for excellence in performance. Singers also performs a great deal of multi-cultural music, as well as large works accompanied by orchestra.

Belle Chantique (Curricular)
his advanced women's ensemble is by audition only, and performs numerous concerts throughout the school year. Students learn advanced vocal techniques, a high volume of repertoire, and strive for excellence in performance. This ensemble often performs outside of school for workshops, clinics, and concerts. Belle Chantique was featured performing ensemble at the Florida ACDA Convention in 2006, and at the 2008 Southern Division ACDA Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

Pardon Our Dust (Curricular)
This auditioned a cappella group is open to students taking two curricular choirs, and rehearses daily. We perform numerous concerts at school and in the community, singing familiar pop and jazz music without any accompaniment. All percussion and background music is generated by student's voices, creating a unique kind of ensemble.   

After school...

Students can participate in a variety of small ensembles that meet after school one day a week. These ensembles are directed by honors choral students as part of their mentorship requirement. These ensembles perform at solo and ensembles festival, and sing the national anthem around campus before various sporting events and at school functions. 

Honors Program


In addition to the high rigor of your participation, concert attendance and classroom work, you will be given additional duties and written assignments to provide extra-evidence of your scholarship, thus fulfilling the extra grade point that your grade will carry.

1. Each quarter you will attend one local professional music concert and submit a review report by the last day of the nine weeks. The report must be typed, double-spaced in 12 pt font, and at least three pages in length. 

2. During the year you will fulfill a mentorship role, and write a second semester term paper describing what you did and how it went. This can be completed by:
        a. Student-directing a small extra-curricular ensemble
        b. Participation in All-State, ACDA Honor Choir, solo and ensemble, or other extra-curricular events.
        c. Tutoring students in sight-reading, running sectionals, and teaching mini-lessons after school.
        d. Volunteering for the chorus program completing various needed tasks.

3. The submission deadline is during the final exam time. No paper submission will be accepted. Please attach the paper to an email to me in .doc or .rtf format. You can access my email address by clicking the email address in the upper navigation bar. 

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